Right Handed or Left Handed?


Whereas, (according to Google) just 10% of the British population are left handed, in our house we actually sitting at 75%.

Adam, Mia & Rosie are all lefties.

I remember Mia first starting to feed herself and very early on used her left hand, and no persuading from her Nonna would change her (the older generation believed it should be changed)

In her Reception Year at school, Adam used to show Mia how to turn her page when writing slightly to the right so she could see what she was writing.

When pens were introduced in the Juniors, it was a hunt for a left handed pen that didn’t smudge as lefties hands generally smudge as they go.

Rosie also used her left hand from a very early age and I was used to it by then. Her writing is lovely and neat now.

These are the few essential items that they could not do without at home:

1. Stabilo left handed pencils-the grips are different

2.Non smudgy pens-Mia finds Frixion pens perfect

3.Left handed ruler -yes its different to draw a measured line

4.Wescott left handed scissors

5.Left handed playing cards…fanning cards out is impossible on a right handed deck (oh, how funny it is to watch though)

Here are some other things about living with lefties…….

1. Sitting at the table takes some rearranging….bashing elbows otherwise.

2.Have a different colour pair of scissors for the left handed ones.

3. When putting drinks at the table for children put on the left side so the inevitable spillage doesn’t happen.

4.Have a separate pot of left handed and right handed pencils.

5.The soap is on the left side of the sink basin in our house.

6. Hand hot drinks over in mugs with the handle on the left.

Did you know there is a National Left Handed Day?

August 13th

Here are some famous left handed people

1. Prince William

2. Scarlett Johansson

3.Paula Radcliffe

4. Jennifer Lawrence

5. Tom Cruise

6.Julia Roberts

7. Lisa Kudrow

8. Sarah Jessica Parker

9.Drew Barrymore

9. Jean-Paul Gaultier

10. Winston Churchill

Buying lefty things online is so easy and there is a shop in London I used to walk past when working up there a real quirky shop…here’s their link http://www.anythingleft-handed.co.uk/shop.html

Hope you found this interesting

Lots of love






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