Dreaming of a Sweet Shop


This month I have asked Lucy from Little Bears Attic to guest blog here and to tell you all about her beautiful Children’s Boutique.


In Lucy’s words she

offers something that you won’t get anywhere else”


She certainly has a fantastic eye for sourcing unique clothing and toys for your little ones. Rosie wanted to fill her basket with lots of goodies when we went.


Lucy writes:

“Ever since I was 4 years old I would love to play shop. It was my dream to have sweet shop (a sign of my incredible sweet tooth as a child!) so it was always in me to dream of owning my own shop. Then when I had my first daughter I was incredibly inspired by small businesses bringing different and unique products to the baby market. I would spend endless time during naps on Instagram trying to source small businesses that were bringing something innovative to the market. When I went to the high street I felt disappointed that these brands/small businesses were not there. So I was inspired to launch my own store which originally was going to be named after my first daughter.

However I then found out I was having twins and as you can imagine our world was turned upside down! The stars didn’t align so it was clear I needed to be present raising my children during this period of my life. The ambition to have a children’s store never left me, I knew I had it in me, and I now felt more experienced then ever with 3 small children! So when the twins turned 2 I went for the leap and decided to bring Little Bears Attic to the market.

I originally thought of just doing pop ups then an opportunity to have a permanent store was presented and we went for it. I had the most wonderful time running my own shop but as ever the pressure of a permanent store with that of being a mum was very hard, and then something called a global pandemic hit and changed the high street forever. 

I made the difficult decision to close my first permanent store earlier this year and go back to what I was good at, sourcing unique and beautiful clothes, toys and gifts for children and parents without the stress of running a permanent store. 

The community on instagram for small businesses and particularly for woman led businesses is incredible, I felt more a part of a ‘team’ on this platform then I ever did in the store.

I now see women that inspire me daily in the world of instagram, they encourage me to know that what I am doing I am good at and they encourage me to raise my my game everyday. 

I take the a lot of time researching and considering the brands and products I bring to market. My range is unique and I try to offer something that you won’t get anywhere else. As a mum of 3 I only bring products that I would have had and still would use and I try to not overwhelm my store with the items I bring. I work in seasons and I think this helps me and my customers to focus on the present with their children or to give that lovely, unique gift for a new mum or new baby in the world. 

I also want to maintain the best customer service I can and to build relationships with my customers, something that major brands can loose. On social media you can respond and get back to a customer on such a personal level it really is what makes your brand. I already have repeat customers and that means the world to me.

I intend to do events and pop ups in the area as these are really where Little Bears would thrive. I am also now focused on my own ‘Little Bears’ line as opposed to being a collection of other brands together. This is where my passion is and the response has been incredible. I’m hopeful for some events this year where I can do some pop ups so keep your eyes peeled, I’d love to go back to meeting customers and bring back that 4 year old playing shop.

So there it is, a brief story of Little Bears, thank you for supporting this mum making her dream become reality. 

Lucy x

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