Gifts For New Parents & Newborns


Gifts For New Parents & Newborns

When someone in your family or a friend announces they are expecting a new bay or babies to their family one of the things that springs to mind, after jumping for joy, is ‘BABY SHOPPING!!!!!’

So the search for the present that no one else has bought for them starts……

When I was pregnant with Mia, my Mum got together a basket of goodies for me I think she started collecting when I was 12 weeks. Baby grows, muslins, cream, baby wipes, baby nail scissors were all very helpful and well used. Mia’s Nonna also put together a basket for her with baby towels, clothes and baby bed linen. The baskets are still very useful 13 years on for storage! My Sister-in-Law, Auntie Wanna, gave us a baby book when I was pregnant with Rosie which in which I have all her scan photos in, keepsakes and have written down all her ‘firsts’ in.

Get Shopping…..

The Baby Service in Chobham offers a carefully curated range of products that they adore and believe to be the the absolute best. Through Aman’s role as a baby concierge, she recommends lots of amazing independent brands through her private consultations. She now has the opportunity to share this all with her clients. 

You can NEVER have enough muslins to hand and I love the really big ones they make now which makes sooooooo much sense.

A little toy to put in the cot with the new baby is always so cute and The Baby Service has some beautiful traditional ones. They also offer gift vouchers for your New Parents to choose their own BABY-SERVICE-VOUCHERS

Other Useful Gifts…..

Photo frames

Baby nail cutters

Baby bath

Hand cream for Mum

Getting your crafty head on……

The girls have been lucky to have these made for them by Mama, Grandma, & Nonna. I treasure them.

A handmade gift that has had some though put into it is always much loved, so if you want to get making Pinterest is a good start for ideas.

And The Gifts That Money Just Can Not Buy……..

Sleep – offer to pop over and enjoy baby cuddles while mum gets some well earned sleep in between feeds

Cleaning- Empty their dishwasher, empty the bins, hoover (if everyone is up!)

Bring a dinner- A lasagne or shepherds pie…yum

Take baby out for a walk

Bring cake….new Mums need a sugary snack!

I hope this blog has given you some ideas about gifts….let me know what you think!

Take care

Lots of Love






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