How Does A Newborn Session Work?


How Does A Newborn Session Work?


SO, you may be wondering how on earth do we go about finding and booking a Newborn Shoot?

Where is the studio…..what do we wear……what do we bring….and WHO is this Zoe who we were recommended…..or why did she approach me in Sainsburys when I was pregnant!

So I am here to show you exactly how a Newborn Shoot works from start to finish. And the start is right from when you book your session.



It starts with me!

Hi I’m Zoe and I have been photographing Newborns for 7 years now and am so lucky to have a job that I love and can help you have beautiful images of you and your Family in your home.

I live in leafy Farnham, Surrey with my partner Adam and our two girlies. Photography has always been my love and passion and after photographing for other people for so long I am loving that I took the leap to set up by myself nearly 3 years ago now and not looked back. I have had training with 4 top photographers and am always striving to learn and create more. I have a comfy home studio with everything you would need for baby and I create a beautiful setting for you to come and relax and watch your baby just next to you being photographed.

I quite often approach pregnant ladies if I am in Sainsburys or at the shops ( I always carry a supply of business cards or leaflets with me) Being photographed is such a personal thing and especially after having a baby. So I like to chat face to face to Mums-to-be to show I’m friendly and ‘not a weirdo’ much to the embarrassment of my teenage Daughter who usually runs the other way when I go to introduce myself.

Most of my bookings come from recommendations from my lovely clients already. Once I photographed a whole NCT group of 6 families as their babies arrived and now some of them are onto their 2nd babies and feel privileged to photograph them once more.

Most of my clients book just after their 20 week scan to guarantee their place. I only photograph a few Newborns each week to ensure the best possible service to my clients and I only photograph 1 family per day to ensure you or your baby is not rushed and that we can make sure we get the most out of your session.

I will add your due date to my diary and will keep in touch over the next few months and when your due date is nearing. When little one arrives please let me know and we can make plans for you to come to my studio in Runfold, Farnham GU9 for your Newborn Session, ideally during 5-21 days as babies are all still curled up at this stage.

When you message me to book your session, I will ask for your phone number so we can chat about exactly what you would like from your session . I will also ask you about what kind of colours you have in your home as I aim to match the colours in your images to your home.

So the day of your session is here. Exciting!!! For me and you-remember I love my job…..I never get up in the morning and think urghhhh, work! I schedule my newborns for Monday-Friday 10am (so you can miss the morning traffic) and I will have the kettle on for when you arrive and snacks are always to hand too.

I allow 4 hours for a newborn session which may seem long but if baby is having a hungry day for example, then there is plenty of time for feeding and then the inevitable changing and soothing.

When you arrive we can chat and you can have a look through the many props and backdrops I have and pick out your faves. I mostly photograph baby naked and wrapped up in one of my wraps and use a heater to keep the area around baby toasty warm.

If you have a special outfit you would like to bring for baby please do so. That goes for cuddly toys too. There is nothing more lovely than Grandma receiving a photograph of her Grandchild holding the toy she bought for a present-and you can earn babysitting points.


I would encourage you to be in the photographs too, as they are really little just this once. And in a few years time you will all be in the park with scooters and lunch bags, trying to avoid the rain and will try to take a full family photograph with one arm out stretched while trying to make everyone smile while wiping snotty faces and making sure your hair isn’t blowing in the wind. Trust me….been there.

There is a comfy sofa here for you to relax on and dads have been known to take a nap! Please feel free to get as comfortable as possible and to feed and change baby as you need to. Tea, coffee, soft drinks and snacks are available for you.

Once your session is over we can make a date for your viewing session at the studio to show you a slideshow of your beautiful edited images usually 1 week after your session.

It is at your viewing session that you can choose your package of images and any wall art you would like for your home.

I am here to help you choose how to display your images in your home and get some photo gift ideas for Family & Friends.

Allow 21 days for delivery for products.

I hope this information has been helpful and has given you an insight to what to expect from a Newborn Shoot from start to finish. If you have any other questions please do get in touch.

So if a blonde lady approaches you in Sainsburys in the pasta aisle, Newborn Photography card in hand with a big friendly smile, its most probably me! And please excuse my children running the other way they are just embarrassed that Mummy wants to show she’s friendly and wants to welcome people in her lovely home for a Newborn Shoot in Tongham, Farnham.

See you soon

Lots of love



Ps I forgot to mention, babies ALWAYS wee and pooh on my backdrops so don’t apologise or feel bad. I am used to it and thats what washing machines are for. My fabrics are carefully washed and dried after every session.




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