How To Take Your Own Newborn Photos At Home


How To Take Your Own Newborn Photos At Home

During lockdown so many new parents have missed out on their newborn session so I wanted to send out some useful tips on how to simply photograph your baby at home.

Now I am not saying don’t book me as there is nothing that could replace the experience of a relaxing Newborn Session with me at my beautiful studio in Farnham, Surrey but for some simple shots of your baby go for it!

Whereas I photograph more posed style with props and backdrops it is easy to photograph your baby at home in a more lifestyle way.

Lets get started:

  • Photograph preferably after a feed when they are most sleepy
  • Use natural light, a bed by the window is perfect
  • Put a pillow under the covers for comfort for your baby
  • Have a cuddly toy to hand to tuck under a little arm
  • Use a small blanket for a wrap
  • Take one image with hands tucked by their sides
  • And another with hands out
  • Photograph all the little details like hand and feet too
  • Focus on the eyes by half depressing the camera shutter button or tap on the screen to focus
  • Print them off for thank you or announcement cards

Those first few weeks go by so quickly so capture them in a simple way and you do not need to take masses of images for this just a few.

I’d love to see how you get on.

See you soon

Lots of love






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